Biometric and Access Control System

We acknowledge every organization’s need to manage access to their premise, information, equipment as well as the security of their employees and visitors. It is essential to manage and monitor who has access to what office, records, entry and exit. With these systems, you are able to restrict entrance to places and hence able to determine who is where and when. This minimizes dangerous incidents, frauds or theft from occurring. If you are looking for any system from biometric time and attendance systems, computerized time recording solutions for flexi time workers or simply a traditional time recording machine, then we have the answers for you!!

Metal Detectors and Scanners

The detectors are able to detect everything from medium sized pistols, knives, drugs etc. They are user friendly and have ease in maintenance therefore guaranteeing you maximum safety, protection and convenience. The PD6500i leads the industry with advanced pinpoint technology and matchless discrimination features. It is designed for maximum throughput without compromising security, the PD6500i is the walk-through of choice for security professionals worldwide.


Are you looking for automatic rising bollards and installation in Kenya, come to Akshar Team Security. We offer different range of Automatic/Manual Bollards which have been chosen to suit a range of smaller domestic and commercial applications, such as driveways and entrances, parking management schemes and access control management.

We have ensured that all of the automatic bollards within our range are as advanced and effective as they are reliable and long lasting.


Turnstiles are a compact, cost-effective entrance solution with low power consumption and high reliability. Choose from standard versions or custom-design a solution Suitable for internal or external use in areas where there is a large and constant flow of people. ideal for use in Retail, Leisure Facilities, Malls, stadiums and arenas, industrial sites etc. If you are looking for a solution to control entry and exit of any facility, inquire from us, We offers different range of turnstile, install and offer maintenance.

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